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Problem with utorrent 1.6.1: It doesnt work


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First of all, thanks for the forum. I was kinda lost til i´ve found this and i´ve been here reading, but still i havent been able to solve my problem.

I have instealled utorrent 1.6.1 since months, and its been always working properly. The best program i had used, and the unic i´ve got installed in my computer. Yesterday, when i started a new download, it crashed. Well, it doesnt download anything. It has this red symbol since then, with the arrow and there´s no way to change it.

I´ve done the Ctrl + G thingy (didnt know it before this forum) and it seems everything´s okay.

Im leaving you here all the info i think you ask

I´ve got Windows XP, norton antivirus but it allows utorrent connections. The windows firewall is disable at this moment.

Ii´ve got a Motorola modem SB4200. I´ve got 4 mb (cable) with a company called Ono (im from Spain). The max download speed is 3621 kbs and upload speed is 253 kbs.

in utorrent, it says i´ve got open Port: 17725

Conexions (by torrent): 50 and global connexions 200.

Thanks in advance, really.

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