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Settings for fast users


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This client looks and feel good but I just can't seem to get the same speeds as I got with Bitcomet. I'm on a 100 full duplex line and got 5000kb/s easy both up and down but now it stays att 800kB/s down and 400kB/s down. Please help. What am I doing wrong.


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youve goto go inte preferences and then torrent options! There u "play" around!

Ive got 8/1Mbit adsl connection and theese are my settings:

Global Max: 1024

Max number of .. peers per torrent: 300

Number of upload slots per torrent: 10

Good Luck!


Remember to select a torrent with a bunch of seeds... before coming back! ;)

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hmm ok but 1000? Isn't there a limit in XP SP2? I've patched it to 50 and doesn't that mean that I can only have 50 connections to my comp?

No, this only means that you can make 50 connection -attempts- at any moment.

Set net.max_halfopen to 40-45 and you'll be fine. It has nothing to do with concurrent (total) connections.

Firon, care to make a table with recommended settings for several speeds and put it in your wiki? :)

I'll consider it. :P Though I think DWKnight might not like it, he recommends not going over 100 (sometimes even 50) for almost all residential connections :lol:

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