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The Green Light Blues


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Greetings! Like a lot of people I am having problems getting my "green light" to come up. I think I have everything set correctly but *shrug* I am certainly not a computer genius by any means. Basically my connection icon stays at "yellow yield sign" or just plain red (is this a NAT error message?). Here is some info I am sure is required:

Network: DSL (speed test says 2.6 megs / sec)

OS: Win XP

Modem/Router: 2Wire 2700HG-B

Software: Trend Micro PC-cillin

I have verified that my port is forwarded properly (as far as the router is concerned) When I use utorrents ability to check if the chosen port is forwarded properly it says that it is not. (I have no idea why)

Really, I am as you may have noticed by now, pretty new to this and the problem will more than likely turn out to be just a box that needed to be checked, but I have exhausted my own ability to troubleshoot this properly.

thanks again :)

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