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I would like to know how some Peers can "UPLOAD" at speeds in exccess of 200kbs. My up-speed is only 40kbs (Max) I do understand the Bandwidth is a factor. Please tell me, how do these super fast UPLOADERS do it ? There must be more to it than Bandwidth. Having downloaded hundreds of Movies, and done my best at all times with Seeding, I would now like to devote my time to the "UPLOAD" Seeding (Fultime-so-to-speak) I just leave my computer running to allow anyone to Download my Films (But it seems hard work at just 40kbs) I have a good fast computer with 1Gig of RAM, and Bandwidith of 4 Mbs. I am NOT a computer expert, so, any replys, Please keep it simple,do not assume anything, Explain if neccessary in "Baby talk" I shall be most grateful for your advise, and know-how.


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