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uTorrent not uploading or downloading or seeding


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uTorrent was working great for almost a week until this morning.

my computer froze up when i tried to load up a new torrent on utorrent, wouldn't let me do "ctrl alt del" or anything, so i turned it off and let it cool down and turned it back on again.

since then, utorrent hasn't work right.

everytime i try to generate a random port, it says it doesn't work.

i've tried uninstalling and re-installing utorrent multiple times, even tried downloading some new torrent software and they encounter the same problem.

when i do get utorrent to load up, everytime i go off the program to the internet or something, it freezes up.

also says at the bottom "DHT: 0 nodes (login)".

and under the tracker info screen, under status it reads "A socket operation was attemped to an unreachable network"

im running on windows xp sp2, 1gig of ram and 40+gig free hard drive. im running a cable modem on Cox High Speed Internet.

ANY help to help me get utorrent to work WILL be appreciated.

Thank you!

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