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Internet slows dramatically when uTorrent is downloading something


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Why is it that whenever uTorrent is downloading something, the entire internet connection becomes so slow? Each page takes around 10 seconds to load. I'm using a 100mbps broadband, and usually each page would not take more than half a second to load. Everyone in my house sharing the same internet connection via a router are complaining that my downloads are essentially monopolizing the bandwidth. Other torrent clients, like Azureus, Bitcomet, etc, do not hog that much bandwidth, given the same download speed and the same amount of peers! I would not have been so upset if not for the download speed in uTorrent being not that spectacular either! The speed rarely gets faster than 30kb/s, even with a hundred seeders, and a fully operational forwarding port!

If the uTorrent staff does not release a version or patch that does not hog the bandwidth that much, I shall tell everyone I know not to use uTorrent!

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If the average upload speed per ip were fixed, this might be true...but if you're not uploading to them, they generally DON'T upload to you if they're connected to lots of other peers.

If you are uploading to them, then you're likely to get the most download speed in return from them...when you're uploading faster to them than anyone else.

So the question basically becomes:

How many connections do you need to use all your upload speed to get the most download speed in return?

And often the answer is less than 30 total, if you have 1 megabit/sec up or less.

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