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Downloading is Fine and connectable, Uploading is NOT


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So I have my port 49999 forwarded correctly, and when I download a torrent, my status appears green, I can connect to every seeder. However it is hard to connect with peers. I did the slackware test and I connected with 18 of 18 seeders, and only 3 of 22 peers. My upload rate is going from 1 kB to ~5kB, and back again. I am downloading close to 300 kB

For instance, I uploaded this torrent before, that had 12 leachers trying to download from me, none were connecting with me. Since I was only uploading, uTorrent's status was yellow, I checked to make sure my port was open, and it was. I turned on superseeding, and all of a sudden, I connected with everyone and started uploading, however again the speeds went from ~1kB to ~120kB and back down again.. With Superseeding turned on, UTorrent's status was now green.As soon as i turned superseeding off again, i lost the connection with all the peers, stopped uploading completely and Utorrent's connection was again yellow.

Windows firewall and Kaspersky's allows utorrent and the port, and again, according to Utorrent's port checker and the different respected website's peer lists, I am correctly forwarded. Comcast is my provider.

I'd appreciate any assistance, I have great ratio's with all my torrent sites, and I would like to keep it that way to keep the community going strong.( I forgot to mention that I have been using bittorrents for years, and utorrent for the past year has always worked fine with my forwarded port, no problems uploading or downloading.

I moved to a new place with the same type of Dlink604 router and set my system up again and here is where my problem comes in)

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so far what you describe looks like normal parameters.

for once, if you switch between normal and initial seeding disconnecting is normal

using a testtorrent like the well seeded slackware its normal too to connect mainly to those fast seeding boxes then to (slower) peers that leech with you on the content.

switching from green to yellow is also normal behaviour in most situations.

So before going on a big hunt for a possible problem solution following switeck's link, just do the CTRL+G and make sure you have the right UPloadspeed set in the drop down menue

with comcast you probably must choose something in the Range xx/128k to xx/512k. But make sure you do a speedtest to be exactly sure.

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