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µTorrent Sidebar Gadget Beta


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Edit (Ultima): The latest version of the gadget can be found here. The main change is that token auth is now supported, so that the gadget will work with µTorrent 2.0's default settings.

Hi all,

Some days ago I started looking for a µtorrent vista sidebar gadget on the internet, but I could not find one :(

But if I want something I'll get it, so I started making one myself, and as it is now ready to go public I'll submit it here :)

It's based on the azureus gadget, but has (I think) some more features.

You can download it here: (link dead) (for vista sidebar)

If you have questions, suggestions, ... feel free to submit.

If you want to translate it, feel free to do and post a link to the translation in this topic :)

You'll need the WebInterface enable, the webUI.zip doens't need to be there, but it's always handy :)

Supports Drag&Drop (drag torrent download links on the gadget will load them into µtorrent)


Configuration is really simple


Without the flyout you can see the total upload and download speed, and the ammount of downloading and seeding torrents


The Flyout shows (at the moment) maximum 15 torrents, you can start, pause or stop the seperatly, or all toghether

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For people with a lot of torrents it peg's the CPU to 100%. I have over 300 torrents in my utorrent and I had to set my refresh rate to 50,000 for it to fuction normally.

(just guessing what might be the issue)

For the next version can you only retreive the info required to display. So if the gadget is still in the sidebar then just retrieve the DL/UP numbers. When I click on it to bring up the webui then at that moment retreive the other stuff.

Or maybe if that doesn't work have it check the number of ALL torrents and recomend a refresh rate so users don't say that this program sucks because they don't understand how it works.

(ps - I am not a programer so again I am just guessing - it might be something silly like a list sorting function that is happening when it doesn't need to ... who knows)

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The DL/UP numbers are calculated using the full torrent list. Atm there is no way to update those stats without retrieving the full list. But I don't know what is generating the 100% CPU though. Just retrieving the list shouldn't so it has to be calculations and interface rendering or something.

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For the DL/UL in the gadget (normal, without flyout) it just goes through the list and counts the DL/UL for each torrent to a total and uploads it, it also calculate everything needed for the flyout.

In V0.1.0 it only calculates the the needed info, so for the flyout only if the flyout is open.

And as suggested, you can't put a refrshrate lower than 160*#torrents, you'll be allerted and in the flyout you'll see the minimum refreshrate you need to insert.

Have now tested it with more torrents than before and it bearly comes above 0%CPU here ;)

Also new, if there is an update it will display a lamp icon on the top left without hiding the DL/UL stats so you can still see them without the need to update.

Drag and drop now also supports dragging .torrent files from your pc to the gadget and thus adding them to µtorrent.

Also fixed an issue with dragging torrent links to it for adding them :)

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I did the latest "auto update" (awesome feature) and the torrent list now say undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined in each colum.

I did my update by shutting down the gadget and over writing 0.6 version files in the gadget directory.

The upload and download speeds are still correct.

Since I have over 300 torrents DL and UL speeds are fine but the torrents Down is on one line and the Torrents up is unviewable off the bottom. I am new at gadgets. Do I change the window size or is that an app issue?

Awesome work on the refresh rate that works great !!!

The auto update works great too !!!

It also works on 64 bit computers which some gadgets don't !!

Works on Longhorn server B3

THanks !

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With the new redesign the ammount of uploading and downloading torrents will be viewable even if it's very much =)

The torrentlist will now contain torrents from start on, no more undefined.

You'll be notified of the update :)

If you have some features than really need to be in the torrent (that are in the WebUI already, else i think it's not possible:p), tell me and I'll do my best.

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I would love to use this gadget, but setting it up isn't very obvious. I don't know where to look to get the WebUI URL or WebUI Port and the defaults don't work. Where should I go to find this information? I'm assuming it's somewhere in uTorrent itself. (I'm usually much more tech-savvy than this... I just can't seem to find it.)

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Go in µTorrent to options->preferences->Advanced->WebUI, and there you enable the webinterface set a username, a password (and a port if you want to choose the number yourself)

Do this at the PC you're running µTorrent on.

The gadget you can run on the same computer or another one, that is connected to the one running µTorrent

If you run it on the same computer the ip/url will be

if you run it on a remote computer the ip/url will be the ip of the computer running µTorrent wich you can find by doing this on the computer with µtorrent: start->run->cmd->ipconfig.

Hope you'll be able to set it up ;)

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SWEET!! I got WebUI working!

... but I still can't make the gadget work. I have the username and password set right, the WebUI URL set to "" and the WebUI port set to "8080" which are the settings that work for making WebUI work. Is there something I need to refresh to make it work?

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The error message is "Error Check Settings."

Oddly enough, that's NOT where the gadget is... none of the other gadgets I downloaded show up in there either - only the ones that came with windows. The others are all working, but they don't connect to other programs like this one (except the iTunes player... but that strikes me as possibly being far less complicated.) When I install them, everything goes automatically without an opportunity to change the location it's being installed to.

I used with Firefox to use WebUI.


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First of all, update the gadget using the "lamp icon", and be sure to press ok after inserting the settings, else they won't be applyed :)

If it than still doens't work, post back here.

In the meanwhile i'll search for other possibilities that could make it not working for you.

PS. Are you running 32 or 64 bit version of vista?

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It... spontaniously started working. I closed my laptop, came back, and now it's working. Confusing, but yay! It's AWESOME and I love it! I updated too, and it still works. I wish I knew what the problem was, but I'm willing to shrug it off. Thanks SO much for your help!

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