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Downloads Fine, Files Don't Save


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Hey all.

Just installed Vista Ultimate and I want to switch from Azureus to uTorrent but I'm coming accross a problem that I just can't resolve.

When I click on a torrent link it starts up uTorrent and it seems to download the file just fine, everything is perfect up to that point. However, when I go to the download folder the file just isn't there. If I right click the downloaded file in the uTorrent queue window and select "open download folder" or whatever it is, it takes me to the wrong download folder - the User folder - and of course the file isn't there.

A few more bits of info - My download folder is Program Files\uTorrent\Downloads. I have the little boxes checked in preferences letting the program know thats where I want it to download to, both in Downloads and Other.

I've also made sure that the download folder is not set to Read-only.

Hope someone can help me with this bizarre problem. Ive done a search but can't find any help. :(

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