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Confused newbie seeking help re vista + utorrent

Regular Chicken

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OK since gettin my new computer equipped with Vista (lucky me) my utorrent is fucked! I've googled it and looked on plenty of forums but everything I've read either hasnt made sense to me (Im an idiot) or not applied to me.

I've switched off windows firewall and windows defender and currently have no other firewall running. The icon is stuck on red and my dl speed is wavering between 0.0 kB/s and 1.0 kB/s. This is bad. Ive tried different ports but everytime I open up the speed guide and click "test if port is forwarded correctly" it tells me the port is not open, soo I've looked on portforward.com but there is no guide for the talktalk wireless router which I am on. Does anyone know what the problem is, have any suggestions etc?? I'm happy to clarify anything if needed.

Thankyou in advance!

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