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Possible memory leak?


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Some update regarding IMON crashing uT and memory could not be read error:


Ok, here's a new problem. The memory usage was large so i rebooted my pc and then start uT to seed 1 torrent. After left it for few hours, the memory usage is still large compared to earlier version v1.6. Activating and minimizing uT window will reset the memory usage to around 7 or 8 MB.


Here are the modules loaded to uTorrent:


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Great, looking forward to it. I just hope uT won't follow BitComet's path.

EDIT : Found out that ipfilter is the one causing problem so disabled it.

EDIT2 : Ok, i take it back. Disabling ipfilter only decreases memory usage during startup, it will still go past 50MB after few hours. And i'm only downloading 1 torrent, who knows how much it will eat if i have more.

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