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utorrent not saving in the subdirectories like it used to....


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Good day, I have been having a problem with utorrent for a while now and finally thought I would ask what may cause it. When utorrent is downloading I have it downloading to a specific directory, not moving after complete, but the put downloads in option. I have it placing them in a subdirectory, for instance e:\downloads which used to place all downloads into the e:\downloads\(torrent name) subdirectories, but now it just dumps everything in the e:\downloads directory, the subdirectories of the torrent still work as they should but the files in the root of the torrents file structure are being placed in the e:\downloads directory. What is it that I did to cause that? It is getting a bit aggravating now trying to piece together where all of the files are from a torrent.

So a torrent called music.torrent used to be placed in the e:\downloads\music\ subdirectory but now the files are being placed in the e:\downloads\ directory instead. does that make sense?



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