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Torrent Server for Windows 2003?


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Hi All,

Pretty new to the torrent scene and am looking to use torrents to help distribute some high definition video files from my traveling that are several GB in size. I have a Windows 2003 VPS which I want to use as my torrent server. Linux has snakebite, but I have not been able to find any software which I can fully create and manage torrents with. Here is a list of things I would like to be able to do, although 1 & 2 are the only essential ones;

1) Create a watch directory where any file placed there automatically has a torrent created for it.

2) Full featured and automated tracker and seeding management

3) Run as a Windows Service

4) Web Admin as well as an API to allow interaction with something like a PHP script.

5) Ability to automatically delete a file after a certain time period and/or once a certain threshold of seeders is reached.

Anybody know if this can be done with Windows or uTorrent?

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1) Maybe with a webserver/php page generating a RSS feed of that folder.

2) No idea what you mean.

3) You will have to use a Service Wrapper. Search these forums for examples.

4) Using the webui you could remote control directly. With a bit more knowledge you could write your own php interface using the webui's various http query strings. Check out the webui subforum for more info.

5) You could make make a script that uses the remove torrent + data query of the webui.

An API of the webui is planned but no release date has been mentioned.

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Thats is correct. And afaik they are not gonna expand the tracker. I'm surprised it has a build in tracker at all considering the main aim of µtorrent (small and fast without much resource usage).

If you want an more expanded tracker you'll have to look for another piece of software.

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