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Problems with Firefox


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Since a few weeks I use the newest utorrent (1.6.1.) client. But it seems that it generates a problem with Firefox ( When utorrent is running, Firefox is getting unstable. That means sometimes loading of pages can get very slow or it even doesn't load anything anymore. When I then switch firefox off and on again, Firefox won't really start again - meaning it either doesn't start at all (it only appears in the processes of the task manager but the window won't open) or the window opens but it won't do anything because it is freezed. It must be utorrent because the problem only occurs when utorrent is running. And it does occur every time when utorrent is running - sooner or later. I hope someone here knows a solution.

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Ive tried all this and it doesnt help.

When I close utorrent it stays connected and hijacks the whole cable connection so as to not allow anything else to connect.

Even with stopped/paused even removed/deleted torrents.

Only been doing this last few weeks since updates happened and getting rather annoying.

If it was to do with the tcpip.sys file in vista then when you close utorrent the net connection should be fully available.It ISNT.

Only thing that fixes this is a reboot and once you open utorrent again BAM it steals my net connection.

Why is utorrent still trying to connect to ip's when you close it?

The only thing I can think it is that some of the nodes ip's its connecting to are hijacking my connection so ill be uninstalling and deleting utorrent as its become unstable and unusable.

Was a great client, has served me well, however like most things the retards always have to wreck everything good because mummy didn't give them enough love.

Im really starting to think that random executions for weakling mongoloids who think there tough cos they annoy people, who wreck the internet, should be put into law.

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When you exit a torrent, others on the torrent still TRY to connect to your ip.

THAT's what you're seeing that makes you think something's trying to hijack your connection/computer.

If you really followed the instructions of the link that DreadWingKnight posted, then you'd be giving us some info ...to probably help you solve your problem.

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