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Yahoo Widget?


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Is there anyone out there that could do that with a Yahoo Widget?

(even if it just showed the Up and Down speeds and had a stop and start all torrents button)

Edit: I made this up in Photoshop in a few minutes to illustrate the idea better.


There would ideally be an add torrent button, a stop all torrents, and start all torrents.

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I was thinking the same thing. I am sick of the Vista Sidebar. I wonder if the code would be open source because I could make it a widget

Edit: I just did some goggling. Turns out I wouldn't need any code. I'm just waiting for permission from the original creator. Being that it is his creation I don't want to infringe on his territory because he my want to do it himself.

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id be willing to help out with the coding.

im relatively new to programming widgets, but i have a fair amount of previous programming experience.

i suck at graphics, but looks like thats been taken care of already. ill sure try and help on the coding side.

i really wanna c this widget work. i want it too

Edit: id LIKE to help, but after looking at the JS for the vista sidebar gadget for it, ive realised its way out of my league.

i think the best bet to get this done is ask the original creator to do one for yahoo widgets. all the base code is set up, as they both use JS and XML.

cant wait to see this thing happen

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