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download speed degradation


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Several days ago I switched from BitTorren (aka mainline) to uTorrent 1.6.1 as I considered it ti be a more advanced client. After the change I've started to experience download speed degradation problems: for several hours uTorrent works fine, then download speed starts to drop down until it slows down a crawl - from 100+kB/sec to single-digit figures, upload speed remains unaffected. Stopping and restaring uTorrent fixes this problem but only for several hours - here is a sample bandwidth chart: http://apollo.divshare.com/apollo2/files/2007/05/01/537356/futorrent.png Green - download, blue - upload, horisontal scale - 5 hours, a sharp dip in both download and upload speeds near the end is the client restart after which download speed reaches 100+ again.

Looks like the infamous Linksys NAT problem only it is not - router *is* WRT54GL but with Tomato firmware and rather agressive NAT cleanup rules - less than 10% of 4096 NAT table entries are in use, web browsing from another PC through the same router remains unaffected. Torrent computer runs windows XP SP2 with tcpip.sys patched to 50 concurrent connection attempts. Currently I am downloading several torrents from three trackers, so it is not a question of a tracker throttling me down or swarm performance degradation - all torrents are affected simultaneously and at the same time uTorrent starts reporting tracker timeouts, also web browsing on the torrent PC (and only on this PC) gets sluggish - apparently my PC is running out of some sort of network resource preventing it from creating outbound connections - but which one? And why BitTorrent does not have this problem?

DSL 1024/256, speed tests at dslreports.com show reasonable results (700-800/220-250), ISP is Stream (that's in Moscow, Russia), uTorrent network light is green, port checker reports error but it always does that - even when everything works fine, no limit is set for upload or download speed, maximum 256 connections total is allowed and maximum 32 per torrent - tried tweaking that but with no effect, net.max_halfopen=8, tried 4 - no effect again, Norton Internet Security is installed with full access granted to utorrent.

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