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Port Forwarding in Norton 360. ( Also applicable for NIS 2007 )


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Hey guys. I recently encountered a problem with my utorrent. I was frequently getting the red circle. It used to be a green circle before. I checked my ports using utorrent's port checker and it shows my port is closed. I decided to off my N360 firewall for a while. The green circle immediately went up again. After that, I realized it was something to do with my N360. I played around a bit and got it to work again. (NIS 2007 has the same firewall and configuring it is about the same as N360)

1. Click "Tasks and Settings" on the top in the N360 main window.

2. In the new window, click "Change Advanced Settings" on the right of your screen.

3. In the new window, click "Firewall Protection Settings".

4. Next, click the "Firewall General Rules" tab.

5. Press the "Add" button on the bottom of the window.

6. Next follow in this order to forward your port: i) Allow: Allow connections to match this rule

ii) Connections from other computers

iii) Any Computer

iv) The protocol you want to allow : TCP and UDP

v) On the same screen, click "Only communications

that match all types of ports listed below.

vi) Press "Add" on the same window. Filter By:

Individually specified ports. Locality : Local

On the box, enter your port number.

vii) Click next, next and next to add the port and

now you should have the green tick in utorrent.

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Hi. Very new to all this, and not what you would call very familiar with torrents at all. However, certainly able to follow sacred's instructions re N360, but it didn't work!! Still don't have green tick, still have brown (gold?) triangle.....any firther updates? Please help.

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I experienced the same problem, so I followed this advice. Just like TheSacredSoul said, green check for me, and everything started moving faster. But when I went to "Test if port is forwarded properly", it says its not. As everything is working fine, I don't think this is a problem. Maybe if TheSacredSoul could let us know for sure that this is not a problem, that would be very helpful.

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