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Check out my settings. Advice Maybee?


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First of all, this has been discussed several times already. And second, make sure you find a torrent with good seeder:leecher ratio, since it all depends on which peers you connect to. And the only advice I could give is to increase the upload slots to at least 10 per torrent since peers who are downloading from you are more likely to upload to you as well.




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Just a few tips:

I wouldn't recommend a Global maximum upload rate of more than 20KB/sec on a 256kbps upstream.

If you are using Windows XP SP2 go to http://www.lvllord.de/ and apply the Event ID 4226 Patcher (4226 fix) to raise the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts, 50 should suffice, then go to the net.max_halfopen setting under Advanced Options and change it to 50. This will help you connect to more clients faster.

It's a good idea that your current upload slots have a speed of at least 3KB/sec each because having dozens of upload slots that only offer 0.5KB/sec each is pointless/wasteful. Just use the formula upload rate (KB) / 3 to get the optimum number of upload slots, which in this case would be 7 globally at the most.

Forward the port(s) yourself if possible as it's a lot more reliable than UPnP.



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