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Speed Problems


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I am a very newbie! It just took me 30mins to find a way of setting up a new post!

Just moved to Cyprus from UK and set up 1 Mps broadband via Cytanet (iChoice/Netrunner). On torrents with many peers and seeds my download speeds are not too bad (average between 15 and 37 Kps) but on all uploads I only manage 0.1 to 2Kbps and then only on a max of three torrents at any one time. So I started looking to see if there was anything I could do to fix it. I have checked all the Options/preferences according to the forums and then approached 'port forwarding'. I ground to a halt v quickly - I do not even know if I need to do anything as I only have one PC connected via LAN on a Thomson SpeedTouch 585 v6. Does utorrent automatically sort this out or do I need to address any 'port forwarding' issues?

Also I believe Cytanet are doing the big brother thing as each morning I find I have been disconnected and have to go to the iChoice portal to log in then to the netrunner page to sign in there as well. Does anyone know if Cytanet is throttling or disconnecting as a result of p2p activity?

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.

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