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Speed Tab -> Time Scale Suggestion...


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First of all, correct me if I'm wrong about below conversions because I'm just patient enough to count ticks within 1sec resolution and done the math to find others...

I suggest renaming the resolution word in Speed-Tab with more appropriate term like time/scale and changing

1sec / 5sec / 30sec / 5mins - in terms of resolution to

2min / 10min / 1hr / 10hrs - in terms of time

because no one has to rethink/guess/remember what resolution meant in terms of time. It's like memorizing the times table. Since there are no definitive marks/comments on the time axis this should have been more helpful to novice and all.

I can also suggest to divide the Speed-Graph with equally spaced vertical lines of

1line / 4lines / 5lines / 9lines - each to represent

2min / 10min / 1hr / 10hrs - with its subunits

which will really help in understanding the graph.

Some might think these won't be useful at all. But in case of determining bottlenecks in a downloading PC combined with timelogs of related software and hardware, one can easily pinpoint the source of the problem (if there's one). And this will also strengthens the visualization of the speed graph in other aspects...

Even this suggestion won't be considered, please do consider to explain this resolution-time relationship within µTorrent FAQ so that no other µTorrent lover has to recalculate like I do....

Thanks... ;-)

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Well, it says "Grid: 10 seconds" when the resolution is set to 1 second, and by counting the grid lines, it's pretty clear that there are 120 seconds displayed at any given time without having to sit and count for 120 seconds.

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I think I've missed the Grid word despite I looked everywhere... Here's a sample screen where a split line can be put instead of the white arrow to indicate it's 2mins...


Can you please show me where it mentions the 'Grid'?

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