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A fresh pair of eyes on my port forwarding error :(


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I've been using BT since late 2003 with no issues. I've always been able to forward my ports and show as connectable. This is why my current problem is so frustrating.

Utorrent v1.6 build 474 set to UPnP for forwarding

Linksys xx54GL running DD-WRT v23 SP2

Ambit cable modem (model U10C018) on Charter cable

Windows XP Pro (seen as scooter in router) with SP2 (from disc, not downloaded)

2 separate ethernet ports on computer. LAN & WAN.

WAN port is DHCP on 192.168.3.x through the Linksys and LAN is static on 10.0.0.x into a gigabit switch that also has another computer plugged into it for sharing.

What I've tried:

Multiple ports - no luck

Disabled UPnP for forwarding - no luck

Direct connection to the modem (no router) - works fine

Rebooting Linksys and modem - no luck

What's different:

A new computer on the LAN which included attempting to setup sharing through the Linksys without success.

Added Windows Firewall exception for File & Printer Sharing.

Please look over screenshots of my settings and let me know if you see something I missed.








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