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Making Utorrent the ultimate torrenter


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Please i dearly love Utorrent, but there is one feature that i think that would make it stand out the most.

Multiple ques, as in ok i only want to download 1 at a time from X site and 1 at a time from Z site and as many as i can from Y site. I use registered sites, but some have ratio limits, thus i can only download 1 at a time from that site, so i want to be able to que up say 5 for that site downloading one at a time, and say 3 at another ratio site which has a ratio limit of 2 at a a time, and say another que for unlimited at a time.

I hope you get the gist of what i am saying, and i feel that this would be a a huge development advantage over others, already the schedular is awesome i chose Utorrent for it and i recomend it to others .

please write back to me if you want to go ahead with it, i am so interested!

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Requested != going to be implemented

Requested == we're aware of the demand

This would probably fall under a combination of improved queueing rules and per-label options (both of which have also been previously requested).

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