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µtorrent freezes system


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I just changed my ISP, got a new router (with integrated modem and VoIP) and this seemed to have messed up µtorrent in a way that my system always freezes when it's running. Takes about 5 min to an hour and *bang* no reaction whatsoever from my computer, sounds repeating, etc. I have to do a reset to get my system running again.

I tried reinstalling µtorrent (1.7 beta build 1625), upgrading the drivers for my wlan-card (Sitecom WL-115 54g), updating the firmware of my router, disabling anti-virus programms (AntiVir Classic), windows firewall and setting max connections to 50 in µtorrent. Nothing helped. The Router seems to be running fine, even when my computer hangs up (I can still make calls via VoIP with my phone connected to the router).

I'm running a Intel E6600 mit 2 GB of ram so resources shouldn't be a problem. Everything worked fine before I moved and got this new router (AVM Fritz!Box Fon WLan 7170 SL) and started using Wlan. Could it be that my wlan-card or the router or both aren't up to the job?

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