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Swarm Question


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I am "on a torrent" (as a peer) and I've got 80% of it in fragments and I'm a little confused as the Seeds & Peers columns read "0(1)" and "0(8)" respectively. Now this means there are 1 seeder and 8 peers in the swarm and I'm connected to none of 'em.

My question is this: How come I ain't connected to none of 'em? I been a good boy today and I've said my prayers and I went to church on Sunday and I even helped an old lady cross the road the other day. I don't understand.

Furthermore to the above, I've just clicked on the "General" tab and the tracker is working fine and availability is 80% (obviously, since I'm not connected to anyone).


Seeds: 0 of 1 connected (0 in swarm)

Peers: 0 of 8 connected (0 in swarm)

So who are these 1 seeder and 8 peers if they're not part of the swarm? Why aren't they part of the swarm? Where are they? Are they aliens from another planet parked up in the Carkosphere in some spaceship or something? Or are they all human beens, each one of them sat in their own little room like me and none of them connected to each other or the seeder? What's going on here? Please tell me, I don't want to have to get the police involved.

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saying your prayers isn't enough to prevent that you download from time to time so called fake files. Maybe that's what happened here.

Or you are running your µT with wrong values so your network connection overloads your equippment which in turn prevents comunication with the tracker.

check the general tab if the Tracker value gives you errors, make sure you have read, understand(!) and choosen accordingly the value in CTRL+G as a start before you get the police involved! ;)

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