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No Green Light - Port test checks OK - Uploads faster than ever ???


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I was using 1.6 with XP and had no problems at all. I just upgraded my machine to Vista Ultimate and I cannot get a green light. I've been messing with my settings for 2 days and haven't even got a yellow ONCE. I have also upgraded to 1.7 BETA and then downgraded again. When I test, the port check comes back that I am open and accepting connections. I am downloading and uploading faster than I ever have before (that may have something to do with spending the last few days tweaking my install.) At any rate, I know that I am connectable. Any suggestions as to why I can't get a green light and evrything seems to check??

My router is an Actiontec MI424WR and I have Verizon FIOS service. I have tried powering off the router to no avail.

Green Light!!! I changed the port from 49155 to 42165 and I know have a green light. I previously changed the port a few times and still could not get a green light so I'm confused as to why the port change seemed to work but I'm happy that I'm now green.

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