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Nothing works when i run utorrent


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Does this come with the package? I start downloading from utorrent, randomly my IE shuts off and nothing works with the internet apart from utorrent, ehh when i try to connect to mirc it says no buffer space available?? disconnects, bloody awful..help!!

Windows 98se

Have to restart my computer to get it fixed

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5kb upload limit for each download thats 2 downloads so 10kb/s and my isp can do 40kb/s so that leaves 30kb/s for the internet and my d/l speed is unlimited..but i normally dont download my full d/l speed

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I thought it was 100 by default?




MaxConnections = 32-bit number

Data Type: String

Specifies the maximum number of concurrent connections. The default is 100.

This number needs to be increased, or as DWK suggested, you can always decrease the global maximum number of connections in µTorrent instead.

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In Speed Guide (CTRL+G), choose xx/384k -- that is the CLOSEST setting to your upload bandwidth.

(You had foolishly choose xx/2mbit, which is your download, NOT your upload.)

After doing that, you need to reduce global maximum connections to 60 and per-torrent connections to 30...maybe a little more if you only typically run 1 or 2 torrents at a time.

Also, try this link if none of this seems to help:


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Download Limited is to prevent leeching+hostile behavior with low upload speeds as well as preventing overloads.

Getting a download speed up to 6 TIMES your upload speed is fair enough when you've set your upload speed low.

If you're downloading faster than you're uploading...someone else isn't!

And if you're downloading a LOT faster than you're uploading, LOTS of people on the same torrent almost certainly aren't!

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