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Just have a quick question, been using Utorrent for a longest time and love it. I have been making music torrent lately and have been seeding successfully until last night, when strange event happened. After uploading the torrent to it's tracker, I noticed there were only 5 peers, and two of them were downloading normaly. I went for a smoke come back and noticed that it went from 5 peers to 101. I realized this can't be normal, and when I looked at the list, it was some fake IP 209XXX and I was flooded.

I turned the torrent off, and I knew it wasn't completely seeded from me. When I went to Torrent Site, it had 16 S and 101 L. I notified the torrent site moderator and he deleted it. My question is, was I flooded? Is that normal? Is there anyway to pevent it? I am new to seeding and like I said, it has never happened to me before.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated.



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