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Two PC's with seperate ISP's (DSL + Cable)


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I believe this is a speed problem. I debated with putting it in the troubleshooting section, so I'm sorry if it's not.


I have PC's and two ISP's. One is cable(DHCP), one is DSL[Fixed IP on NIC(192.168.x.x) and PPOE with a non-fixed IP(assigned by ISP)]. I cannot be on the internet on both pc's while they are networked together without buying a router. I have a HUB and I can connect to one internet while they are connected through it. But this isnt my problem. I know the issues here.

My question is this:

Is there a way to make uTorrent acknowlage my other PC through the internet, through my hub, or possibly through the addition of another NIC, for seeding purposes.(ie. super-seeding).

As of now when seeding the same torrent they are independant and I end up with both clients seeding ~130% of the torrent before any leecher gets 100%, thats 260%! Very inefficient. Basically there is no difference in time for seeding from one PC and for seeding from both. I dont want to use NAT because I dont need to, since both PC's have internet. I dont have extra $$ for a Router right now, so I dont want to buy one.

I seed much more than I leech, so this is important for my seeding speed.

Can this be done? And if not, are there better settings so that each PC can at least be more efficient in reguards to the other.


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OK, I'll try that. Anything to help. -nevermind. this doesnt apply as I use private trackers 80% of the time. They all already ban BitComet

thanks for your reply.

seems that others have similar problems(seeding from seperate machines- ie. work & home) that have never found a fix. I guess i could make a request, but i dont think there is a huge need for this type of configuration.

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