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After exiting µTorrent my wireless router stops functioning


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Hi there

A strange problem occured with µTorrent on two different computers on two different wireless networks, namely:

10 minutes or so after I close µTorrent (which works great, thank u), my internet and email software complains about 'no connection with the internet possible'.

The wireless router however still has a strong signal. The solution is to pull the plug of the wireless router for a few seconds and put it back on. After that my internet works fine again.

Conclusion/question: What does µTorrent do that makes my wireless internet not function any more? And what can I do about it.

Strangly enough not immediately after I exit the program.

Suggestions will be appreciated

Thank you


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Belkin routers are notorious from overloading from file-sharing type traffic.

Anything beyond 60 connections at once can hose them.

High half open connection rates (which can be anything above about 1 :D) can hose them faster!

Wireless compounds the problems, due to the occasional disconnect due to radio interference.

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