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1.2 wasting my bandwidth for no reason at all.


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i moved my mouse over the tray icon of 1.2 earlier and saw it was uploading at 3kB/s. at the time i disregarded it as i have been seeding 2 torrents for the last few hours and just assumed that they were uploading to someone. i opened the window to check my ratio and to my horror discovered that there was no peers connected at all yet it was wasting 3kB/s of my bandwidth doing absolutetly nothing. both torrents are from oinks and dht is disabled by default becase of the private flag. back in 1.1.7 it would never go above 0.2 but now all of a sudden its using a constant 0.8 - 3kB/s. it has also been using between 0.7 - 2kB/s of download too.

any explanation as to why it would be doing this ?

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