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speed problem with 48 Mbit fiberglass


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I'm using a 48 Mbit fiberglass connection for 2 weeks now. As soon as the down/upload speeds reach about 2 Mb (2000 Kb/s) my system gets really slow. I'm running on an Amd X2 5600+ , with 8 Gb ddr2 6400 , on win Xp pro64 and 32 (dualboot)and my downloads are stored on raptor (10.000 rpm) Harddisks sataII.

it's also impossible to do more than one down/up at a time . when i use another client like comet 0.67 or bittornado the problems are gone and i can seed/leech at full speed (6000 kb/s) Are there any settings I can change to help overcome this problem because i'm a big Utorrent-fan..and i would like to use only Utorrent.

with regards..Pompidom

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