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need help on setting up utorrent with low number of connections


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ok. now my isp has pulled of yet another limitation on my connction

now my global maximum of connections i can achieve is 5

yes, you heard it right... only 5!

so obviously im downloading the torrents one by one and the settings are the following:

global maximum number of connections: 5

maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 5

number of upload slots per torrent: 1

dont use additional upload slots

the question i want to ask is this:

on the advanced, theres this option:


which is set to 300 (i presume thats seconds)

should i lower this value to, say, 50?

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Lower your half open connection limit in µTorrent to only 1 or 2. Your ISP is probably counting them towards your overall limit. And also setting peer.disconnect_inactive_period to even as low as 30 seconds probably wouldn't hurt.

Disable DHT all around if you haven't already.

Disable resolve ips (in peers window) and show country flags (advanced settings).

These 3 things all use (or attempt to use UDP packets) which many stupid ISPs count as separate connections for *EACH* packet!

Enable Peer Exchange (if it isn't already) and disable Local Peer Discovery (because you're probably NOT on a LAN that has lots of BitTorrent clients running)...to make up a little for the connectivity loss of DHT being disabled.

After these changes, you will want to turn your modem off for an hour to try to get a new internet ip so seeds/peers on your old torrents aren't still trying to hammer your connection.

ALSO, change µTorrent's listening for incoming connections port! AND change your router settings (if you have one) to only forward TCP packets on that port to your computer, not the UDP ones...due to problems I mentioned above.

Otherwise you may just reinvite the old attention levels you were getting before.

If you are unfirewalled, then you can count on incoming connections filling up to your per torrent limit and having a low half open connection rate won't hurt much.

Raise your upload slots to 1/3 or even 1/4 of your upload speed max. So if you're uploading at 9 KiloBYTES/sec, then you could raise upload slots to 2 or 3. OR recheck use additional upload slots if upload speed <90% (max) -- that feature won't try to upload to more peers than you're already connected to and does NOT use any additional connections. (It only tries already-made connections.) Doing this should get you better download speeds in return, as BitTorrent/µTorrent doesn't work nearly as well with only 1 upload slot allowed. (It even has major problems, because it basically never gets a chance to find a fast peer that can upload fast back to you!)

After all these changes, hopefully you can raise your total number of connections for global and per-torrent possibly as high as 30. ...or at LEAST 10!

DEFINITELY continue running only 1 torrent at a time until your tests show you can have at least 20 connections at once for global max in µTorrent.

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tnx very much

i did all you adviced, but i couldnt find the following options:

show country flags (advanced settings)

disable Local Peer Discovery

also: should i enable or disable to ask the tracker for scrape information?

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ok that was already disabled

of all the options; increasing the upload slots seems to have helped the most

download speeds are increasing nicely

tnx for all

and should i enable or disable to ask the tracker for scrape information?

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id like to set my default upload slots no. to 0 (since i download from paid private trackers),

but i have changed (by right clicking > properties, on a torrent):

that torrent "A" has 3 upload slots


a) does 0 really sets that there's no upload slots?

B) does that make torrent "A" have 3 normal upload slots? or does that global no. of upload slots make any limitations?

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