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Slipstream 4200

Fred Allen

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I am new to DSL and Utorrent so this is a beginner question. I am running a new Siemens Slipstream 4200 modem to connet to my DSL. The connection is fine for anything but bit torrents then nothing. I have the modem running through a Linksys 5 port switch if that could be the problem. I just looked on Google and I guess the Linksys does not have a firewall. I have turned off my firewall for Windows XP Pro 2. I have tried to set the modem to use port 55641 and it seems to work with one of the port checkers on the internet. I have tried lots of different settings with no joy....a lot of attempts were made before posting this message.

Is anyone running this modem with success with Utorrent? Any suggestions?



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Does your ISP give you multiple internet ips?

When using a switch behind your modem, EACH computer that you want internet access on must have its own unique internet ip address.

A router can share a single intenet ip address by giving each computer a LAN ip as well and routing incoming/outgoing packets appropriately, but a switch is more a "dumb" circuit.

(A Hub is even worse, it broadcasts everything to everyone...so 1 computer could use up 90+% of all the network's bandwidth just transferring files to another computer.)

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