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5kbs for about a week


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I've had Utorrent for a couple months now been working good then this past week or 2 i can only download up to 5kbs thought maybe i pressed the wrong download limit or something and it shows that it can only do the 5kbs i do have a wrt54g wireless router and i know theres problems with it i downloaded the firmware yal posted and it doesnt seem to help before i downloaded the firmware yal posted i also downloaded the newest version of firmware on linksys and it seemed to even slower my connection anyone know how to get my connection back up and running with higher then 5kbs?

also the upload speed is perfectly fine its just the download speed

my internet speed is back up musta been something with my modem but still have it to where it only lets me download 5kbs when im usually doing 300+

nevermind i fixed it

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