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Change needed in "Completed On" view


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I like to keep my torrents in order of completion (assending & decending) so I am VERY familiar with this little annoyance. uTorrent has a small UI error in that currently downloading torrents are closest to the oldest completed torrents and not most recent. This occurs when viewing torrents by "Completed On."

When a download finishes, it goes to farthest place when it should stay closest.

when in the torrents that are downloading are at the bottom of the list jump to the top when completed making the closest torrents to the downloading ones be the ones downloaded oldest.

when current downloads are at the top they jump way to the bottom after completion instead of right after all the current downloading ones are.

Sorting them before the earliest completed torrent would be like saying they completed before the earliest completed... :|

This is my biggest peeve with uTorrent.

If the incomplete torrents are moved to the opposite side than it currently is on when viewing by "Completed On" then it should be correct.

This problem arises because those torrents are blank under "Completed On." The "Added On" does not have this problem and works correctly.

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