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uTorrent limiting other online activites


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I suppose it's normal, but when I run uTorrent, and after that open Firefox (or any other internet application) it takes about a minute to open google.com.

However, when I have firefox open, and THEN run uTorrent, the Firefox speed is really normal.

I currently have Down set to 70 kBps and Up to 70 kBps. The highest Up I've ever had was 140, and highest down was 150 kBps. Is there anything wrong in my settings, or is this just normal?

Results when the computer and network was doing nothing. except the test ;)


Same test, FF on, I just started uTorrent 5 minutes ago


FF closed, while uTorrent continued running. FF open again and done the test again


(note: uTorrent was only seeding during the tests)

weird huh?

Ps. always when I do a speedcheck it says 'error: ISP is required', and then does the test anyway. I don't know what it exactly means or something. Any ideas?

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You didn't read the Speed Guide carefully enough. It did say to select your upload rate in kbps, or the closest one (which would be xx/384k). Arbitrary settings won't win you any speed prizes. If it doesn't help, check other suggestions in the first link in my signature.

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