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μtorrent 1.7Beta/1552. Got over 6 hash errors, and still not banned.


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Hi there, I'm testing out 1.7 beta/1552, and noticed I got clients with 6 or more hash errors (Hasherr column @ Peer page) and they still don't get banned.

I checked out the new bt_ban_threshold, bt_use_ban_ratio, and bt_ban_ratio. All set to the default [5, true, 1].

Well, is this a bug?

The only ban I have got so far is banning, wich is not in my client list.

Besides, that's a network address, not a host address.

I've also noticed that the "polluting" clients just fill up to n-1 pieces of a n-piece block.

Might it be a "workaround" so it'll not get banned?

BTW, what is the _ban_ratio supposed to do? Ratio between what and what?

Thanks in advance.

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Got the same problem here. Using 1.7 beta/1672. Also using default settings: [5, true, 1].

bt.ban_ratio: The lowest acceptable ratio of good to bad pieces a peer can send before it gets banned. This takes effect after bt.ban_threshold is exceeded and bt.use_ban_ratio is enabled.

How I think it works: ban_ratio = (Bad pieces/Good Pieces).


- User uploads 5 good pieces, ratio = 0/5 (= inf) --> All ok.

- User uploads 1 bad piece, ratio = (0+1)/5 (= 0.2)

- User uploads 4 bad pieces, ratio = (1+4)/5 (= 1.0) --> Ban.

( for simplicities sake I didn't include the initial threshold )

The ban probably wasn't triggered because the ban ratio wasn't reached.

The strange thing is: Why would a seed send x good pieces and then send bad ones? Sneaky Basterds!

Is there some way to check the current ban_ratio of a peer?

Could this be added as a column on the peers tab, just as Hasherr?

Another thing I noticed was that the hasherr column gets reset after the treshold is reached. I think this is a bug. Maybe the value could be replaced by the ban ratio, but it should definitely not be reset.

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schnurlos: thx for the chm, neat stuff!

Tengo: All Clear (exept that 0/5=0, not ∞). Anyway, I'd like to be sure of the units. As most porcentage properties are set on a range 0-100, as being a ratio, does bt.ban_ratio use a 0 -> 1 Range or a 0 -> 100?

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Schmick: It can go as high as you like. The higher the number the more aggressive utorrent will be at banning peers.

I too would also like to see a new column to show current ratios. It will help the users who need help to figure out a suitable value for the ban ratio.

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