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Last night I was checking torrents I was downloading. I download only two at a time but I check for seeds and peers by using force start. I leave it on for about 5 minutes to check then reset them back to start. That way if I see one with no seeds, I take it out of the loop and check it later after I have downloaded everything else. So I have 26 lined up plus the normal 2 running. My DL speed was running between 380 kbs/s and a little over 400 kbs/s. That is about normal when I have this many torrents running. I forgot to turn it off. This was about 7 pm. I did not check it till this morning. When I did, I found nothing running, 15 had been completed and the rest were stopped. I turned off the computer, unplugged the Motorola modem, unplugged the Belkin wireless router, waited 1 hour then turned everything back on. Utorrent can't connect to the router no mater what I change the port to.

I 've been using torrents for over a year and read a lot on this forum,[ been lurking, first time to post] so I have followed how to set things up and everything has been just peachy up till now.

So my first question is .... what happen? How did everything get turned off?? Did Comcast shut it off? If so is there a way around this?

Thanks, Sandy

OK I found what was wrong. I do not know how it happened though. Somewhere along the line my ip address was switched between my two computers.....actually not just switched but changed. I am guessing Comcast somehow did this. Not sure though. I know that no one here mess with them as I am the only one here.

If any one knows what might have happen please let me know. Thanks, Sandy

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