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How to use?


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Think it is described on utorrent web. Have you looked?

uTorrent: Preferences / advanced

Place the webui zip same place as as the definition files (documents and settings somewhere) / don't unzip

Access by "http://xxxxxx.dnsalias.com:yyyy/gui/" / xxx being name if you use dnsalias.com and yyyy being port

Instead of using dnsalias or similar you can use external ip-address but that will change

From inside your network ip is pretty simple if you have static address

Linksys handles dnsalias.com very nice.

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Have no clue. Have you in your router checked the ip-address. Every time you start up your router/dsl you get a new address (in case you don't have a fixed address). That's the reason for using dyndns.org (or other / dnsalias was a wrong comment).

You will see under the logger tab when some from "outside" log on. Try to open in Firefox first time using the internal address (in case the address you are referring to is the external address).

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