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Hard drive letter change


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Hi there,

I've used uTorrent for a long time, it's a great program. I've reformatted my computer several times since I've had it and have had no problems, but now I've changed the sequence of my hard drives (so what used to be F drive is now D drive) and of course this makes uTorrent unable to find my old downloads.

I tried a find/replace in resume.dat but Notepad doesn't work (it changes and saves it but then uTorrent just discards the new file and makes another one) and I don't know how to edit bencoded files.

My question is: How can I change the drive letter that uTorrent is looking for the torrents in? I have lots of gigs of downloads that are halfway through downloading, so it would be a real shame to have to start all of them again. The torrents are backed up in a place similar to D:\torrent-backups\. I realize that was silly and I should've just left them in the default place and I probably wouldn't have had this problem, but it is a feature of uTorrent so maybe there's some way to fix this.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks

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Stopp (not pause) your torrent(s), rightclick on it, Advanced > Set Download Location, point to your file(s) or folder and start the torrent over.

The percentage will increase and you're done.

Have a look here too: http://utorrent.com/migration_guide.php and search for "Moving files to another location after they have been loaded in µTorrent"

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Thanks for the reply, schnurlos.

Unless I am missing something obvious, that won't help me. The problem I have is that the torrents themselves (not the files I am downloading) have changed location.

So an example of the error I get is:

Error: Can't open .torrent file F:\Torrents\torrentiamtryingtoresume.torrent

The problem is that F: doesn't exist anymore, it is now D:

I have changed the download location on a torrent like you suggested but without the .torrent file it has nothing to download

Any ideas?

Thanks again for your help :)


I fixed it.

I copied the .torrent files over to %appdata%\utorrent\ then did advanced>set download location.

A weird thing happened, it named the file "Incomplete" instead of the file "filenamehere.mkv". It worked after I wrote the actual name of the file though.

Thanks for your help

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