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Ehm..... just a thought on a feature :)


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As i was going through the different parts of the client, i came across the Files list. Then it hit me. There are torrents which have files of which not all parts are available. Would it be possible for the client to download the files of which all parts are available first, starting with the rearest parts, then start to try downloading those parts from files of which not all parts are available ? One could even see that clients that have the most parts are downloaded from first, but this would be harder to implement.

It could be very usefull in limiting the time in which a torrent completes or at least limiting the amount of useless data, and i don't think the above violates the spirit of BT.

Any thoughts on this ?

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Nope think it is not.... i think it does not differentiate between rare parts of still 100% available files and partially available files, only on rarety of a part. So you will get rare parts of files that are allready incomplete mixed up with rare parts of 100% complete files.

I just mean to say that it should FIRST get rare parts of 100% available files, before bothering to download rare parts of incomplete files, that may never be available anymore. Else the 100% files with rare parts may be lost while the client is bothering to try to download rare parts from allready incomplete (and probably useless) files.

Did i clarify enough ? I think it's not the end-goal of BT to spread incomplete files just because they contain rare parts. It's about avoiding the files to become incomplete because parts are no longer available. So there is sence imho to download rare parts of 100% files first, then try to download rare parts of allready incomplete files hoping that some day the missing parts will become available again (or the user stops the torrent because it didn't complete over a large period of time).

Offcourse i MIGHT be completely wrong.......... :P

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