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Changing Time-Unit by Keyboard Doesn't Update Graph

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On the "Download Speed" graph, if you change the time-unit by using the scroll-wheel or the up/down keys the graph won't update.

You have to actually use the mouse to select a time-scale.

I'm using Wine so that may have something to do with it. If that's case, please ignore this "bug" report :)

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It looks like this is because uTorrent uses CBN_SELENDOK - when the arrow keys are pressed windows sends the message but wine does not. However, if I use CBN_SELCHANGE it seems to work as expected on both (well I mean in this case - keep in mind that for uTorrent we can't really use CBN_SELCHANGE at the moment).

Perhaps this is a compatability bug real windows has kept around - either way though supposively wine is aiming to be bug-to-bug compatable so perhaps the wine developers could use that info.

EDIT: Looks like it is this wine bug


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