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UTorrent freezes upon opening


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Hi, i dowloaded Utorrent the other day as i was reccomended it over azureus. Iapoligise if there is already help for my probelm but i checked FAQ's and the forum and couldn't find any.

I have windows xp SP2

AMD athlon XP 3200+

2.20 GhZ


Avg Free Antivirus

Ad-aware Se Personal

azureus - removed to see if this was the probelm (still froze)

deamon tools

alcohol 120

+ more general software

I have a wirless network connected by belkin wirless reciver

I think this is enough please ask anything if i have forgotton to include it. and i dont this i borke any rules in this post, inform me if i have and i shal resurect them.

Many thanks James

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