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Uploading Speed Stuck at 0.5 KBPS


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This is a weird error that I've noted with both Azureus and uTorrent, though to significantly less extent with uTorrent. After uploading and downloading for a while, my download speed gets stuck around 0.1, 0.2, etc., KBPS speeds. I have a cable modem, with max upload rates peaking at around 85-90 KBPS. So that my system runs smoothly and other internet progs can work, I usually keep utorrent's max upload to 70-75 kbps. Utorrent gets stuck on this horrid speed and when I try to close it, it locks up! Sometimes, if I wait ten minutes or so, it closes itself without issue. Other times, I have to force-exit, and other times, I have to restart manually.

I've seen it do this error. It'll be going fine at 75kbps, and then it gets chopped down a little bit, and a little bit, until only 0.5 kbps. When I close it as its speed is dying down, sometimes it closes faster. This is for a variety of computers I work on. Uninstalled/reinstalled/checked all firewalls (ZA Free, 6.4), even did two OS reformats. I've heard that ZoneAlarm could cause problems, but I'm not really sure what this issue is. It's only a minor technical issue, as it appears to happen only once few weeks now with the new version.

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