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Dear Readers,

Sorry if I am not supposed to post this but I was only curious about if I need to have any settings changed whether it be fromt he Speed Guide or Advanced Settings.

I ran a speed check and these are my results:


And I rounded down so I chose xxx/640k in Speed Guide,

So far only setting in Advanced that I changed is:

-diskio.sparse_files -> True

Thank you.

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Actually wait... What exactly does that option do?

From FAQ:

is a function available only on drives partitioned as NTFS (2k/XP/2003). When this is turned on, files will only allocate what data they have written. However, this does increase fragmentation, but it will save space while you are downloading files. It doesn't work with pre-allocate.

I guess I have it on due to the part of 'save space'...

But if it isn't needed then I'll turn if off(Default).

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