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Why people with less % are not downloading more from me?


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Yes exactly as the question says.

Before i didn't noticed this much, when i was using Azeurus, but now using uTorrent the interface is so clean and easy to read and understand, that i started noticing that.

take any torrent download for example (i get mostly Anime stuff), i've this episode that has 98.9% and i see enough people connecting to me, to download / upload

but i noticed that whenever they have nothing else to upload to offer me, their downloads seems to die out?

isn't there a way to upload more to them (their download), without the other party having to upload to me?

this question is really more about my own stats, like if i offer more, then i can have better ratio, don't i?

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yes it's what Switeck said :mad:

no wonder..... aaarrrrgghhh....

i've already enabled encryption and all, and keep using random ports but it doesn't seem to be good enough to go around the ISP :(

i just looked around the web again, and found updated info


seems like that was the reason, now they are Blocking Encrypted traffic :mad:

before it was okay to use encryption and be able to Seed properly.

Damn... i don't have any other worth while ISP in my area, Wireless options are too slow for my taste :(

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i had to disable the Encryption

Damn ISP was blocking Encrypted Torrents Seeds

basically they will let you Seed if they can track what you are seeding, to limit your bandwidth, and to block illegal files as far as it seems like to be obvious.

I'm clean so i got nothing to worry about, i only watch Anime and other TV episodes not available here

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before in those charts that lists the "bad" ISPs

shows that it Seeding works better if Encryption was on, basically cuz many of those ISP prevents you from Seeding if they detect it is Torrent data.

but in this case seems like this particular ISP to counter that, they are blocking Encrypted data, and allowing regular Seed with filter,

which is not that bad, at least i can download and seed, now all my speed is back to normal.

seems like a recent change too, since a couple of months ago it was still showing Encryption +2

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OMG!!!! this is amazing, thanks for the tip

now the DL rate is way over 350+ KB/s and going, and uploads are capped out at whatever number i set it to (currently 72KB/s).... it's been a long time since i've seen those kind of numbers

and using that port, i'm able to Re-Enable the Encryption, which allowed me to connect to more Seeds / Peers

i noticed on the Flags, many Seed / Peer were not sending me, 'cuz my client was not Encrypted :(

So now using that port + encryption, things are lightning fast :D

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