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"Up Speed" column not displaying accurate reading.


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I'm using the newest beta. I noticed lately that the upload speed in the 'up speed' column isn't matching what the speed says in status bar in the bottom-right corner.

For example, the 'Up Speed' column could say 26 kB/sec at one point in time, but in the status bar it says [45k] 44.6kB/s (or whatever). That is almost a 20kB/sec differential. Even when I am seeding multiple torrents, it doesn't add up to what the status bar says.

It only does that for a few seconds, then it starts to display it accurately, then after about a minute, it goes inaccurate again, then the whole cycle all over again...

I'm not sure if this is relevant but I'll say this anyway. I joined a new tracker a couple of days ago, and they have yet to ban BitComet from their site. I am wondering if this has anything to do with BitComet abusing the DHT, or maybe it's just overhead bandwidth or something?

The reason I mention BitComet is because, the other day, I noticed uTorrent was reporting 125 peers on a torrent that I had uploaded. Yet, when I went to the site to check on this particular torrent's stat page, it was only reporting 13 peers. I check on the Peers tab in uTorrent and I noticed a lot of BitComet users, and most of them were from China, and they had similar IP's o_O.

So yeah, any idea what is going on here, and if this information is even relevant?

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Using ridiculously high values for max connections, half-open connections, and max torrents running at once...coupled with relatively low upload speeds are known to cause the upload speed to not limit itself properly and not display properly.

...So, what's the speed of your connection both down AND up?

What settings are you using in µTorrent?

(You can just list the values shown by Speed Guide CTRL+G.)

Have you changed any advanced settings in µTorrent?

(If so, what to?)

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current settings are:

50 connections per torrent

250 global

80 half-open

I have only 1 or 2 active torrents at the moment.

The only thing that i've changed in the advanced settings are resolve country, half-open connections, and ipfilter is disabled.

Ugh, man all that information is irrelevant because I had the following settings and everything was fine a few days ago or so. I had:

80 connections/torrent

750 global connections

200 half-open

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Everything may have appeared ok on your end, but whoever was downloading from you or uploading to you was no doubt suffering from your excessive settings.

Such a high half open rate, especially if not firewalled, is excessive. The default value is 8, and really even a value of 4 is pretty fast at getting connected to 100's of total connections if there's nothing wrong with your connection. (And if there's something wrong with your connection, a high half open rate generally makes it worse.)

What is the max bandwidth both down and up for your connection?

Knowing that, maybe I can come up with reasonable and balanced values for µTorrent.

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Do you have any proof of that behavior? What exactly do you mean by 'suffering'? I could put them back to default values and it won't make a difference.

Anyways, I pay for 6.0 Mbps down and 384 kbps up. Actual throughput I get is about 7.4Mbps down and 400kbps up. :P

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You didn't give me the rest of your settings, they can make or break whether your given settings are ok, marginal, or just plain awful. (Though the half open rate is pretty much excessive in any case.)

The spikes and drops in upload speed is certainly seen on the other ends as well. Some probably lose connection to you. Others fail to receive parts of the torrent that you supposedly uploaded to them. The remainder definitely see download speeds (at least from you) that at times drops to a point barely worth calculating. The links probably get choked/unchoked so fast that it starts thrashing, and that's a mess too...which might explain the upload speed overshooting set limits at times.

With digital networking, everything can "seem fine" from 1 end till it all crashes. And if it's on the ragged edge, the intermittent problems can be hard to diagnose...because sometimes it seems to work fine!

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Please don't say I have to lower my connections... i'm only seeding 3 torrents total, with a combined peer count of less than 40.

EDIT: I switched to recommended settings by speed guide, and it made little to no difference...

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It is worth noting that you have max active torrents less than max active downloads.

That should never be the case.

Your upload slots are not necessarily too high, but if you actually want 8 torrents active at once then you're really not playing fair with other people on the torrent. 8 torrents times 4 upload slots each = 32 total upload slots. That many running at once, especially with only 32 KiloBYTES/sec total upload speed devoted to the task may very well explain the bursts you're seeing.

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