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speed dropping at regular intervals - rollercoaster effect


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i ve always been having this problem as far as i remember (v1.4 ?)

there are times where i would reinstall my OS and the issue wouldnt show up.

i installed vista recently and the problem came back.

one picture for a thousand words :


first, the upload speed drops, then the download speed drops too.

i though it was because my upload limit was too high, so i reduced it but the problem still occured.

then i thought it could be a disk i/o issue, i tried to play with the disk cache features, defragmenting my hd, downloading to another partition, but no luck so far.

does anyone know what to do ?

i am back with default settings...

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What's the speed of your connection both down AND up?

What settings are you trying (and it seems...failing :( ) to use in µTorrent?

(You can just list the values shown by Speed Guide CTRL+G.)

Have you changed any advanced settings in µTorrent?

(If so, what to?)

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Hi im having a similar problem but my dl & ul speed drops right down to zero then goes back up the turn around from max speed to zero back up is only about 15-20 seconds but its really annoying. The connections are never lost and all peers stay connected but all speed just goes.

Im using speed guide 256k and have all other settings at default except for allowing 10 downloads I have used utorrent for years and never had this problem before and it has only came around since I have started using vista.

When I first noticed this I was using utorrent ver 1.7.7 but have since upgraded to 1.8 then 1.8.1 and am still having the problem. My initial thought was it must be something to do with vista as I and none of my friends have ever seen this in XP but 2 of us have had this problem in vista but im no expert so any advice would be great.


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