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Help with WRT54G


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Long time lurker, first time poster :)

I have read all the issues surrounding this wireless router, and still have problems, firstly my setup.

BT Voyager 220V Broadband modem and router

Linksys WRT54G Wireless router

I have d/l the recommended firmware for the latter and added the recommended startup script. I have also tried to set up port forwarding on the Linksys, and seperately the BT modem.

I sometimes get 500K/s d/l speed when first using utorrent on a new torrent, which slows to 1 kb/s after the first couple of hours, I also get the warning triangle advising people are unable to connect, and my upload speeds are also extremely slow.

When testing, it advises that port forwarding has not been setup correctly?


With the new firmware is port forwarding still required?

If so will I need to setup the IP of my laptop to a static IP o/s of the DHCP range of the WRT54G?

Do I need to also setup portforwarding on my BT Voyager Modem/Router?

Any assistance would be gratefully received, there is nothing more frustrating than burning through 700mb of a 1 gig file, only for it to then slow to 1kb/s !!

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UPnP may work on your router, auto port forwarding for you.

But if not, port forwarding is ALWAYS required on the router or you will be 100% firewalled 100% of the time. Your "telephone"/computer will never "ring"/receive an incoming connection. ...you may still be able to "call out"/connect to an unfirewalled ip though.

Sounds like you're experiencing overloads.

This FAQ is made for problems like yours, so please follow it carefully and consider even the "stupid" parts:


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