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Utorrent?????? what the hell


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Speed depends mostly on your internet connection and the health of the torrent but µtorrent can help by reducing resource consumption (ram/cpu) and thus allowing slower machines to reach optimal speeds.

If you have the system resources a client such as Azureus will have roughly the same speeds under the same circumstances.

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So you get your connection maxed out?

Big deal, for many torrents a total download speed of 120 KILOBYTES/sec wouldn't be considered fast. :cool:

However you can only go as fast as your connection (or rather ISP) allows.

What is more important in the long run is that the torrents complete at all and that you upload enough so others can complete the torrent also, whether it takes 5 seconds or 5 weeks.

This is the point of why we share...because if we don't we may all end up with nothing!

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You seem confused.

The internet is the road, not the destination!

So it doesn't make much sense to say it's "full of illegal stuff".

WE are the sources and the receivers.

You're downloading from people, not WEBSITES, when you use BitTorrent.

All your speed comes from us, our internet connections...if we all throttle our uploads down to 0, you could get the fastest internet connection in the world and still wouldn't be able to complete torrents any faster or even at all!

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